Color in Clothing, Design & Fashion

Color in Clothing, Design & Fashion

Many times, it is the little things we don’t think too much about that can make all the difference in how we are perceived! In this article, we will focus specifically on the colors that we wear and how that can affect the message we are conveying and how people subconsciously interpret them.  

Broadly speaking, colors inherently evoke different thoughts and feelings. Statements like “she is feeling blue” is a sign to say someone is upset, tying the color to an emotion. Similarly, when we see a bright color like yellow, it evokes feelings of happiness and it brings the mind to things such as the sun. The point is, colors certainly have emotions attached!  

So how can you use this when you dress? Use the right colors based on the contexts of where you are going or how you want to be interpreted. For example, blue can be seen as calm and trustworthy while red is seen as passionate and confident. 

We hope you found this information on how the colors you wear affect how you are perceived to be insightful in your day to day life! At U-Rock Couture, we remain the premier spot for those with the fashion forward mindset. We are always on the hunt for the latest trends so you don’t need to, with our designer products being seen at various high-profile events, we are here to ensure you turn heads wherever you go. Come visit our boutique location in South Beach, Miami or browse our designer collection on our website today!   

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