Design Districts Around the World (Part One )

Design Districts Around the World (Part One )

There are so many influences that go into fashion and design. Culture, geography, lifestyle, heritage, it goes on and on. With that, every country has their own unique aesthetic which are seen most prominently in their respective design districts. In this article, we will begin discussing the major design districts around the world and what they are known for.  

Bueno Aires, Argentina- known as the Metropolitan Design Center, this district had humble beginnings as a fish market in the 1930’s. In the 2010’s, famed architect Paolo Gaston Flores went on a mission to revitalize the area. The largest design center in Latin America, it is full of art and local creative talent.  

Dallas, Texas- the Dallas Design District is renowned for its assorted collection of fine art, furniture, and top of the line textiles and materials. On top of these high end attractions, their dining scene embraces the same contemporary and chic setting as its surrounding space. With great art, sights, and food, what is not to love! 

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