Design Districts Around the World (Part Two)

Design Districts Around the World (Part Two)

Around the world, there will always be areas where creatives come together to see what they can accomplish and design. Previously, we began discussing various design districts around the world. In this article, we will continue that discussion in exploring more design districts around the world! 

Tokyo, Japan- known as the Roppongi District, this area is bursting with creativity. With plenty of art museums and galleries such as the National Art Center and the Mori Art Museum, Japanese culture is in abundance here. With contemporary culture through upcoming brands and styles prevalent, street fashion is also a sight here.  

London, UK- known as Shoreditch, plenty of heritage and art is found here. With street art everywhere you go, you can spot pieces you may recognize including those by Banksy! With abundant vintage clothing and antiques shops, there is always something to see and do.    

Vancouver, Canada- known as the Armoury District, this area specializes in interior design and architecture. With astounding residential buildings and large scale artwork and sculpture, this is a unique spot to see modern design.  

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