What is Miami Fashion?

What is Miami Fashion?

Palm trees, sunny skies, and sandy beaches, there is nowhere quite like Miami. That uniqueness and energy extends into the people’s style wherever you go in the area. Whether you are in South Beach or the Gables, there is something effortless chic about the way people dress. In this article, we will discuss Miami fashion and what are some of its components! 

One of the first parts to recognize is the environment and its impact on style, no matter where you go. In Miami we are famous, sometimes infamous, for the tropical heat. The fashion here is to embrace that, with a heavy emphasis on lightweight fabrics such as linen as well as breathable designs and cuts.  

That doesn’t mean you can’t be bold! Miami embraces vibrant colors and bold patterns, a reflection of the multicultural influences such as Latin American and Caribbean aesthetics. Especially in accessories such as jewelry and belts, there is a lot of room for personal expression. Whether at the beach, club, or just a stroll, there is no better way to stay comfortable and fashionable than with Miami fashion.   

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